40 round social media icons – Black

Round social Media Icons - Black

40 round social media icons – Black

Description:A package of 40 Social media icons designed with care and elegance. Background and edges are transparent. These icons can therefore be used on colored, neutral and photographic backgrounds. PNG and SVG format in two sizes, 50px and 100px, to easily publish in all web design applications.


40 vector EPS single files
40 PNG Files in 2 sizes, 50px, 100px, transparent background ready to use,
SVG file of each single icon.
+ 30 additional icons of the most popular social media in the world in EPS, PNG, SVG

EPS Vector files are single and isolated. The vector format is the best for printing and desktop publishing, it can be resized without loss of quality.
PNG files ready to be published on any web page, PNG icons have a transparent background, so they can easily be placed on neutral or colored backgrounds, including backgrounds with photographic images.
SVG files are widely used images in web design and mobile apps, as well as vectors they have no loss of quality in resizing

Via Dadartdesign.com Price: $ 4.00 (+VAT)


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