75 white line social media icon set

White Line socialmedia icons collection

75 white line social media icon set

Description: A collection of 75 white line social media icons, elegant and modern, The most popular social media, Facebook™, Twitter™, Instagram™, Google Plus™, Pinterest™ and many more, including thr new East social, some great worldwide brands like Apple™, Windows™ and Android™ and their respective stores, large marketplaces such as Etsy™, music channels such as Soundclouds™ and Mixclouds™ and many more.
The collection include vector EPS version of each icon, to resize as you want for any type graphic and web design application, and the two world-wide web formats, PNG and SVG, ready for publishing.
The complete professional icon set for every need!

Vectors: 75 EPS single files,
75 PNG Files in 2 sizes (a total of 150 single icons), 50px, 100px, with transparent background ready to use,
SVG file of each single icon.

EPS Vector iconset. Files comes as VECTOR ICONS in EPS format, therefore they are Great for web publishing on a transparent background (Exporting them in PNG format). Furthermore, You can resize the EPS vector icons as big you need without any loss of quality. Vector icons are the best, as well as for use on your web pages, even for quality print. To Edit vector icons file you need a good vector editing App, such Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
PNG icons come with transparent background. PNG are ready to use in 2 sizes, without editing.

Via www.socialmediaicons.biz Price: $ 5.90

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