Round flat icons — social media Vector Stock

Round flat icons

Round flat icons — Vector Stock

Description: Simple black round flat icons. A basic iconset with the most popular social media icons. Simple, flat, monochrome and essential. The black round background makes them ideal for web pages with white or light background colors.

Dowloads: Choose to download the EPS vector version or the JPG version of thi round flat icons. EPS Vector version is customizable and resizable. You may resize and enlarge Icons without any loss of quality. EPS is great as for the web files generation as for quality printing. JPG file has a very good resolution. It can also be used for the web or for print, but you need to crop icons to export them to a file with a transparent background.

To modify EPS files you will need vector editing software, such Adobe Illustrator. To edit JPG file you need raster editing software, such Adobe Photoshop.

Via . Price: subscription plan or pay-as-you-go credits

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